Thursday, 15 April 2010

Book Binding

I began experimenting with binding a small hardback sketchbook before starting on my final book. Like with old photo albums i chose to have the marbled sheets on the immediate inside cover.

The marbling Inks needed proved difficult to get hold of and so instead i ground up some old 1970's oil pastels and dissolved them in some turpentine to serve as a substitute, the results were good although even when dry the colours were prone to smudging.

I did, at first, try to make my own homemade paper; pulping waste and sieving it using an old silk-screen but the results were too thick and uneven for my purposes so i abandoned it and chose to buy sheets of recycled paper instead to serve as the pages of my scrapbook. Although my book is far from perfect i feel like i have learned sufficient that should I wish to do it again the results would be up to a higher professional standard.

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