Thursday, 15 April 2010

Final Book - My Thoughts

I have chosen to upload only half of the pages onto this blog. The rest can be viewed in the book itself. I may choose to re-scan the pages at some point and pay for a reprinted copy done through as the original is quite fragile and won't stand up to too much wear and tear.

Final Book Pages 4

Final Book Pages 3

Final Book Pages 2

Final Book Pages (1-5)

Further Sketchbook/ Developmental work

Because of the nature of my final outcome; most of the research and development for images had to happen as i was creating them. I would initially think of a concept, then begin image generation, often making use of the metaphors already present in the text and in some cases elaborating upon these, experimenting with medium and form until i reached a conclusion i was happy with and then i would move on to the next image. Because of this all the images could be argued to lack the sort of cohesion they would have had, had they been finalized using the same style of drawing, but they nonetheless work as a whole.

Sketchbook developmental work/ Research 2

I began drawing the finals in this very meticulous way using pen and ink but the results for me were too static and fusty, after group presentations I agreed to re-work my images in a way that made them more similar stylistically.

an alternative colourway for one of the lino-cut prints.